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A healthy, happy, inclusive community for Teddington

Former Imperial College London Private Ground, Udney Park Road, Teddington, TW11 9BB

The Teddington Community Sports Ground – Community Interest Company (TCSG CIC), Park Road Surgery and the Affordable Housing & Healthcare Group, represent 3000 local residents, clubs and associations. All three have come together on some exciting proposals for all the community to benefit from:

  • 9.5 acres of private land will be gifted to the public for use by everyone, forever.
  • A brand new GP surgery.
  • Affordable extra care apartments for Teddington’s older community.

9.5 acres of a plot of private land will be gifted to the public for use by everyone, forever.

Public Sport, Community Facilities & Open Space
New GP Surgery
Affordable Extra Care Housing for Older people

All of this will be secured at NO COST to Teddington residents.

For the first time in Teddington’s history, this private land will be publicly accessible. However, London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames (LBRuT) could alter the planning status of this private land to make it harder for these proposals to go ahead.

The Local Plan

The Local Plan is a plan for the future development of the local area, drawn up by the Local Planning Authority. It guides decisions on whether or not planning applications can be granted. It also enables residents to have a say in the future of their area.

Recently, a new Local Plan for LBRuT was accepted by a Government appointed Planning Inspector and subsequently approved and adopted. Significantly, the Inspector disagreed with LBRuT’s proposal to designate Udney Park Playing Fields as Local Green Space but a High Court ruling found that LBRut did not consult local residents sufficiently on this Local Plan. As a result the council has been ordered to re-open a new public consultation. This creates a great opportunity for local residents of Teddington to express their opinion.

We believe the current designation provides the appropriate level of protection for Udney Park Playing Fields. In contrast, LBRuT’s intention to designate Udney Park Playing Fields as “Local Green Space,” is likely to obstruct any meaningful and sustainable development.

A snapshot of our borough today:

Sports, Community & Recreation


Ageing population / housing

  • In LBRuT, nearly a third (30%) of FA clubs express a need for access to more facilities
  • There is a shortfall of 7, full size 3G pitches in LBRuT
  • LBRuT’s Sport & Fitness Action Plan states the need to improve existing sports facilities & develop new ones where there is a need
  • The doctor’s surgery at Park Road is serving 10,100 patients over its 3,000 capacity
  • Their need for new premises is recognised as urgent by the NHS
  • In Teddington, primary healthcare space is 58.1% below best practice guidelines
  • Local policies seek to maximise the delivery of affordable housing in the Borough
  • Adult social care and taking care of vulnerable people now accounts for 42% of the Council’s overall budget
  • Adult social care is at breaking point in the Borough

Consequently, Teddington is greatly in need of:

Sports, Community & Recreation
A brand new GP surgery
Affordable homes for older people

What your community says

Dr Nicholas Grundy

I’m a partner at Park Road Surgery in Teddington, and we support the redevelopment of the Udney Park site because it would benefit both us, by providing a desperately-needed new building, and many other organisations which deliver services to the local community.

We have been looking for new premises for more than a decade now, as our existing building should accommodate a patient list of 3,400 rather than the list of 13,000 we actually look after. This planning application includes a purpose-built, modern, spacious GP surgery, which would allow us to deliver healthcare both to our existing list and as part of the wider move in the NHS to working across communities of 30k-50k patients.

Simon Cartmell – Director, TCSG CIC

As someone involved in local sports clubs and the community for over 20 years, I believe that the potential to secure three quarters of the space for community use for ever and to have investment in the site to build a much needed multisport, floodlit, artificial pitch, relay a new grass pitch, build a multi use games area AND create a range of community open spaces AND to build a multi use community centre, all at no cost to the clubs, the borough or to community at large, is an an opportunity too good to miss.

That is why the Community Interest Company was formed – to secure something wonderful that is in the long term interest of the local community!

Mrs Stanley, Teddington resident

We are extremely lucky to live in such a green Borough, and I think it’s wonderful that we have lots of open space, the riverside and beautiful parks to enjoy. I would never count the old sports ground on Udney Park as one of these places, and would certainly not consider it a place of beauty or tranquillity!

There is a great shortage of suitable homes for older people in Richmond-upon-Thames, and that is a growing problem as people are living longer nowadays. I have lived here most of my life and have many friends here. It is also a great place for social connections and its accessibility to London. AHH’s proposals are wonderful – I can’t think of a more fitting use of the Udney Park ground for our community – plenty of facilities to meet, socialise, play and take part in sport and a new GP surgery.

Addressing opposition to the proposal

Click on the statements to view our responses to what has been said by local opposers.

``Some things in life are just wrong ... building on playing fields is one of them``

We are opening-up 9.5 acres of private, gated land for the whole of Teddington, enabled by a small amount of development which is itself needed. The community will have access to brand new community and sports facilities, significantly increasing the amount of sport played on the site. (Grass pitches can only be played and maintained through periods of rest, repair and reseeding). The existing clubhouse is in a state of disrepair and is no longer fit-for-purpose. Whilst the existing pitches cannot provide the hours or income to break even, the proposed balance of artificial and grass pitches plus a modern community facility will enable the CIC to run a sustainable facility in perpetuity.

In addition, the site will provide access to healthcare for 13,000 local patients and help address Richmond’s under provision of affordable older people’s accommodation

“Our local playing fields should not be allowed to be decimated for profit”

9.5 acres of land that has always been in private ownership will be donated by AHH to Teddington residents. In addition, AHH will fund and build a new pavilion with community facilities, 3G Pitch, MUGA, turf pitches, playground, and Public Park. Children, parents and those who value access to quality healthcare, sporting facilities and recreational space will benefit most from this development.

“An alternative Community Plan is ready to go and is achievable”

The fact remains that the 12.7 acre site isn’t actually owned by those who object to the proposal and they have no working relationship or funding agreement with the group that does. Their plan fails to show genuine community facilities or open space for the community of Teddington to enjoy.

“Udney Park Playing Fields are protected in layers of Planning Policy”

The Government’s Planning Inspector has decided the site has the right level of protection; a decision which prevents unsuitable developments whilst accommodating socially progressive proposal such as ours.

“The community will bear the short-term and long-term costs of the development”

The land and the facilities will be given to the community FREE of charge at ZERO cost to the tax payer. This proposal offers a sustainable future for the space, ensuring it is well managed and financially secure. The TCSG CIC has secured funding from AHH to ensure the facilities are supported until the community and sports facilities are sustainable.

“Housing targets do not require green space sacrifices”

If the AHH proposal is successful only 3.2 of the 12.7 acres will be used to provide affordable housing for the elderly and a new GP Surgery. The remainder of the land, for the first time in its history, will be publicly accessible; a landscaped open space with significantly more trees and hedges, habitat creation, wildlife pond, orchard, and a wild meadow, given to Teddington free of charge.

“Green space benefits health”

Yes, it does. This is why the proposal safeguards it; securing sport and playing fields for the whole of Teddington. Free from additional costs, managed and maintained by community leaders.

“Physical activity and sport benefit health and society”

Yes, it does. When the space becomes publicly owned rather than privately, as it is at present, it will significantly increase the amount of sport played. Alongside first class sporting facilities, the space will offer informal physical activity and recreation with a new public park, fitness trail and outdoor gym; none of which are currently available.

Thank you for your interest.

The deadline for sending in representations to LBRuT for the modification of the Local Plan has now expired. If you require any information, or would like to be kept updated on the outcome of the public consultation please get in touch.

Thank you for your support.
With your help, Richmond could have the opportunity to get…

• 9.5 acres of open space for sports, community, recreation and leisure

• A brand new GP surgery

• Affordable homes for older people

Subject to planning permission

For more information, please contact: 07930 724964, or email: teddingtoncic@gmail.com

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